Hill cars


The hill car course will feature a very exciting trajectory. A hill car is, in essence, a car equipped with a safety frame, sport seat, steering wheel and brakes, which is carried up the hill by a ski lift. The downhill speed will depend on the skills and adrenaline need of the driver. We have 8 cars in total and our timing system enables you to race against friends or colleagues.

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Estonia’s longest zip-line is surely one of our most exhilarating attractions. The ride starts from the tower on the hill and runs 600 m along the cable, with speeds reaching up to 80 km/h. You do not need to worry about your safety, because there is a braking system at the end of the cable, making sure that everybody goes home safe and happy.

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Buggy safari

Who still do not know. Kiviõli Adventure Centre is located in the old ash hill and around Estonia's biggest artificial mountain built adventure trails where you can ride the safari with buggies.

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The downhill course for bicycles is designed for hard-core adrenaline addicts, as ‘normal’ people rarely have the guts to use it. A lift will take you up the hill and you can use a special downhill bike to race over wild bends, jumps, rocks, bridges and other obstacles.

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Moto Centre

Come with your own bike or rent an ATV from us to test your skills on Estonia’s fastest motocross track with the steepest drop (26 m). This is where we organise a stage of the Sidecar World Championship in each year. Note! Rides are preceded by safety training. We also organise ATV tours on the fascinating industrial landscapes of the area for up to 8 people.

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Health track

The 2.5 km health track with a varied profile, running around the hill, is suitable for leisurely runners, pole walkers, mountain bikers and aspiring professional athletes. Younger visitors can have their first adventures under the supervision of their parents on the climbing court close to the main building.

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