Development project of the family tourism products

Grant receiver – SA Kiviõli Adventure Tourism Centre
Name of the project – Kiviõli Adventure Centre family tourism products

Donor: Support scheme for strengthening the competition of investments of the areas (PKT), which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund
Grant amount – 1,499 863.25 EUR

Summary of the project

Between 1922–1967 during the production of oil shale, 6.2 million tonnes of industrial waste was gathered on the Kiviõli ash hill. In 2013, we opened the ski and adventure tourism resort that provides thrilling year-round experiences on a 90 m artificial hill.

To cover the risks due to poor winters and in order to make the summer season more attractive, we are now creating a large amount of summer sports and free time services for families with children, which, together with the existing attractions, create a wholesome tourism product and bring 34,000 locals and tourists per year.

The following services offering a unique visiting experience will be ready on the extraordinary landscape in 2017–2018: oil shale mining, fire-fighting academy, traffic campus, high-quality adventure trail on poles, summer snowtube track with escalator lifts, disc golf tracks, bicycle pump track and downhill trails, water crafts etc.

Disc golf and high-quality adventure tracks are the first to open as of today.

New family centre 2018